Municipal Law

Municipal Lawyer | Corydon | Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLCIf you are a representative of a municipality or a local governing authority with legal questions pertaining to your jurisdiction, Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLC can answer them for you. We offer superior legal representation for clients dealing with municipal issues, including:

  • Annexations
  • Services and Utilities
  • Financing
  • Public Litigation
  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • Public Works Projects
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Disputes over Land Use or Water Rights

At Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLC, we have a well-deserved reputation for handling our clients’ legal challenges in an efficient and affordable manner. Our years of practice have showed us how closely public officials are scrutinized when it comes to the stewardship of public funds. That’s why we will do everything in our power to make sure your legal matter is addressed according to your allotted budget and time constraints.

Eminent Domain Action

It is not unusual for public works projects to become bogged down in proceedings related to eminent domain. If you are facing legal hurdles related to a contested eminent domain action, we can assist you in rising to the occasion and resolving them speedily. Similarly, if you are confronted with a challenge to an existing annexation, we can offer you solutions for resolving the matter in your favor. We are also well-versed in dealing with civil actions, regulatory proceedings and negotiations for Indiana public utilities.

We Can Help

There are other ways an Indiana municipal attorney may be of use to public officials. When you are seeking a party to serve as an underwriter’s counsel, an issuer’s counsel or a bond counsel for the sake of tax-exempt financing, a seasoned municipal lawyer can assist you accordingly. We have helped our clients mount legal defenses to lawsuits initiated by businesses or individuals in their jurisdiction, including those regarding rejections of constructions bids, premises liability personal injury suits, and/or denials of applications for licenses or permits. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if we believe that you are in the right.

Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLC assists folks throughout Corydon and Southern Indiana with municipal law cases. Call (812) 738-2100 to schedule an initial consultation.