Wills Attorney | Corydon | Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLCIf you are wondering about how you can ensure that your wealth reaches your heirs according to your wishes after your passing, you may want to consider establishing a will with the help of a knowledgeable Indiana wills attorney. A will can secure true peace of mind for your family and protect your assets from unnecessary taxation and/or unscrupulous creditors after your death. A will also allows you to transfer assets such as investments or a business to your beneficiaries according to your wishes.

Indiana Wills Attorney

A will is a legal tool that expresses your wishes concerning how your property will be distributed after your death. A will also provides instructions for the care of your minor children. At Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLC, we can help you prepare this document in accordance with state law so that it can pass through probate court in a swift and affordable manner. The problem is that in order for a will to be recognized as legally valid, it must be subjected to probate court under the oversight of an executor named in the will.

Now’s the Time

By getting your proverbial ducks in a row now when it comes to establishing a comprehensive will, you are shielding your beneficiaries — and the personal representative you appoint — from unnecessary stress and confusion during probate. An ambiguous or unsound will can face serious challenges in probate court and may unnecessarily jeopardize the value of your estate. We urge anyone who is thinking about estate planning to schedule an appointment with us to find out more about how a will can safeguard an estate and help get a will through probate with a minimum of time and expense.

Let’s Get Started

We are aware that it’s easy to procrastinate where estate planning is concerned. Unfortunately, we also know from experience that failing to have a comprehensive will in place at the time of your passing can keep your assets from ever reaching your heirs and leave your minor children in legal limbo. Don’t put it off — get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started. As long as you are reading this, it’s not too late to do so.

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