DUI Lawyer | Corydon | Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLCHave you recently been accused of driving under the influence in the state of Indiana? The privilege of using an automobile is something most of us take for granted, and when this privilege is revoked due to a DUI conviction, it can seriously challenge the independence of the individual concerned. Of course, license suspension following a DUI conviction is often accompanied by jail time, expensive fines and a host of other court-ordered consequences particular to drunk driving, including alcohol education classes, mandatory attendance at victims’ impact panels and community service. Hiring a skilled DUI lawyer following your arrest can make all the difference in keeping you out of jail and on the road.

Don’t Gamble With Your Future

Regardless of what you were told at the time of your arrest — and no matter what you said to the arresting officers when you were charged — let us examine your case. If you think that you may have incriminated yourself unnecessarily by answering a police officer’s questions, let us deal with the fallout. As part of our mission to ensure that your rights are protected, we will work to help you avoid a DUI conviction.

Penalties for DUI Conviction

A conviction for drunk driving can lead to additional punishments and penalties, including:

  • Mandatory attendance at alcohol counseling classes and victims’ impact panels
  • Having your license suspended
  • Being required to perform community service
  • Having an interlock ignition device installed on your vehicle
  • Regular subjection to urine tests for drugs and/or alcohol

If you are convicted of a felony DUI, you can anticipate other consequences, including:

  • Losing your right to vote in elections
  • Being unable to own a firearm
  • Being unable to obtain a passport
  • Having difficulty seeking employment
  • Having a hard time renting an apartment or other property

Remember, all this is in addition to mandatory prison time, fines and fees totaling thousands of dollars. Even a first time DUI charge can lead to expenses upwards of $10,000.

No Time to Waste

There’s no reason why you should risk ruining the rest of your life because of a DUI charge. Our aggressive DUI attorneys know how to make the law work for you in getting your charges beaten, reduced, or thrown out altogether.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

No matter how dire you think your situation may be, there are ways we can help you protect your liberty and your rights. There may have been violations of your constitutional rights at the time of your arrest, and if so, we can get your case dismissed. If you “failed” a preliminary breath test or roadside sobriety test and the police arrested you because of it, we want to know about it. Did you know that these kinds of tests are voluntary, extremely subjective and have only limited admissibility in court? We do. Call us immediately. We will give you the opportunity to explain your side of the story in a non-judgmental and non-incriminating environment.

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