Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer | Corydon | Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLCSometimes domestic discussions turn into arguments, and when they do they can quickly get out of hand. If a person complains to law enforcement that a family member, intimate partner or roommate is threatening or committing violent acts against them, the accused can be arrested and charged with domestic violence based on that single report alone. It doesn’t make any difference if the accuser later tries to retract their complaint; the defendant will still be required to resolve the charge through the Indiana criminal justice system and may even end up serving time in prison and paying substantial fines. If you are facing charges of domestic violence in the state of Indiana, contact an experienced Indiana domestic violence attorney today to assist you.

Domestic Violence Comes in Many Shapes & Sizes

At Dillman, Chastain, Byrd, LLC, we have decades of combined experience in protecting the rights and liberty of those accused of domestic violence. Keep in mind that domestic violence can take many forms and may involve a wide variety of people, such as:

  • Spouses
  • Romantic partners
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Roommates

An accusation of actual physical violence is not necessary to result in a domestic violence charge. We have had clients who were unjustly accused of stalking, harassing, threatening or intimidating another person and faced domestic violence-related charges because of it. An experienced domestic violence attorney offers you an environment in which you can explain what really happened at the time of your arrest without worrying about self-incrimination or judgement.

Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction

We know how difficult it can be to remain optimistic about your future following an arrest for domestic violence, especially knowing that you may be legally prevented from seeing your children or other loved ones if convicted. In addition to subjecting you to a restraining order, a domestic abuse conviction may also require you to:

  • Attend anger counseling classes
  • Pay restitution to alleged victims
  • Perform community service
  • Serve time in jail
  • Pay high fines

A felony conviction for domestic violence can ruin your chances of gainful employment and/or finding a place to live, even after you have paid all legally required penalties. You may also be prevented from owning a gun, voting or leaving the country. A domestic violence attorney can help protect your rights following your arrest.

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