Corydon is a Midwestern city and the former state capital of Indiana. The county seat of Harrison County, Corydon can be found north of the Ohio River. The city served as the capital of Indiana from 1816 to 1825, at which time Indianapolis assumed the mantle. As of the 2010 census, Corydon has a population just over 3,100.

In the fall of 1860, Corydon hosted its first annual county fair, and the Harrison County Fair continues to be the longest-running fair in Indiana. In 1863, Corydon hosted the only Civil War battled fought in the state of Indiana, now known as “Morgan’s Raid.” This historic event, in conjunction with numerous others, has solidified Corydon as a popular tourist destination for history buffs.

Historic sites within the city limits of Corydon include the Old State Capitol, Governor Hendricks Headquarters, Constitution Elm, First State Office Building, Coburn-Porter Law Office, Posey House, Battle of Corydon Civil War Memorial Park, The Kintner House Inn, Branham Tavern, Westfall House, Cedar Glade, Leora Brown School, Heth House, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Flags Over Corydon and the Harrison County Fairgrounds.

Notable residents include Spier Spencer, William T. Zenor, James Best, Arville Funk, Frank O’Bannon and Samuel P. Hays. Demographically speaking, Corydon is 97% White and just under 2% Hispanic or Latino. The median household income is just under $34,000 — $29,159 for men and $21,699 for women.

The Harrison Superior Court Clerk is located at 1445 Gardner Lane NW, # 3126 in Corydon, Indiana, 47112.